"Rodney Cordner and Jean-Pierre Rudolph are a quietly enduring best kept secret... Rudolph's deft eloquent fiddle touches, flourish both as an accompanist, subtly interweaving with Cordners strong distintive Nothern voice and composer of evocative melodies like the inventive delicacy "Wild Stones"... Rodney Cordner's songwriting is lyrically sharp and steeped in social commentary. A talented songsmith he also possesses a manic sense of wickedly black humour..."
(IRISH MUSIC magazine April 2002)

"Their latest studio album is one of the few instances where the combination of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist works in equal measure... One of the Few is thought provoking, challenging and above all top drawer Celtic contemporary folk music..."
(Folk Roots magazine review of "One of the Few")

"Rodney's moving song and J-P's flying fiddle have shortened long roads for many. Long may the road rise with them."
(Tommy Sands, Ireland 2002)

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